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The Impacts of Sports Injuries

Being active is one of the best things you can do for your health. However, any athlete will be able to tell you how easy it is for something to go wrong. The number of people injured while playing sports, even just on a recreational level, may be significantly higher than you imagine.

A 2022 study shows that approximately a quarter (26%) of people playing outdoor sports and physical activities have been injured as a result of engaging in their sport. Combat sports, cycling, and indoor sports all also demonstrated high injury rates.

Dealing with an injury doesn’t just mean you’re ‘benched’. Without proper treatment and rehabilitation, you risk worsening your injury significantly — which means you may be unable to participate in the activities you love for years to come. And sometimes treating your injury isn’t enough. Without making wise changes to your lifestyle and physical activities, you may risk repeating your injury or making it worse over time. All in all, seeking out proper support is key to preventing a sports injury from taking over your life.

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What are Sports Injuries?

As one of the most common types of injuries faced by Australians, particularly younger Australians, it’s likely that you or someone close to you has experienced a sports injury of some kind. Typically, sports injuries are caused by impact or force on the body that is greater than the body is able to withstand.

There are two distinct types of sports injuries that you may experience. The first is acute, which is when an injury occurs suddenly and as a result of a particular incident, such as a sprained ankle or torn ligament. The other type is chronic, which is when an injury is caused by the repeated overuse of joints or muscles.

No matter the kind of injury you have, it is vital that you seek medical support to receive a personalised treatment plan aimed towards not only alleviating pain but protecting your body for years to come. Here is a quick look at some common sports injuries we treat at Modern Medicine:

Tennis elbow
Runner’s knee
Hamstring injury
Ankle sprain
Stress fracture
Rotator cuff tear
Plantar fasciitis
Groin pull
Dislocated shoulder
Torn ligament
Shin splints

Sports Injuries Symptoms

The term ‘sports injury’ is relatively broad. There is no specific list of symptoms to look out for if you have a sports injury because your experience is going to depend entirely on the nature of your injury.

For some people, their injury may be an ache in the arch of their foot as they exercise. For others, it could be the overwhelming and sudden pain of a dislocated shoulder. Some injuries will be recognised immediately and others may gradually become worse over time. No two patients are the same, and your symptoms are going to depend on the type of injury you have.

Here is a brief look at some of the most common sports injury symptoms we come across:

Sudden and severe pain
Being unable to place weight on your foot, ankle, knee, or leg
Weakness in the injured limb
Limited mobility with a joint
Excessive bruising
Joints or bones visibly out of place
Pain that gets worse when exercising or participating in sport
Aches and swelling at rest


Sport Injuries Treatments

Myotherapy Ballarat

Clinical Myotherapy

Clinical myotherapy may be used to assess, diagnose, and manage a sports injury. This holistic and hands-on treatment is designed to rehabilitate muscles and joints that may be suffering as a result of your injury. Ultimately, all techniques used in myotherapy attempt to restore function, mobility, and comfort as you go about your daily life.

Exercise Physiology Ballarat

Exercise Physiology

An exercise physiology plan aims to use prescribed exercises to build a personalised treatment plan. All suggested exercises will be designed to suit the specifics of your injury with the aim of restoring function and strength over time. Working with an exercise physiologist means that all these exercises will be monitored, tracking your progress over time. 

Remedial Massage Ballarat

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is designed to decrease pain, stiffness, and tension that may be associated with your sports injury. With massage techniques delivered by a qualified massage therapist, you may experience improvements in mobility and function as you rehabilitate your sports injury.

Podiatrist Ballarat


For any problems with your feet, ankles, or lower limbs, podiatry is often the first step you take. Working with a podiatrist may help you address not only the injury itself but also the habits or natural issues with your gait and physical build that may have led to your injury.

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Your Sports Injuries Questions Answered

What should I do after a sports injury?

When you suddenly injure yourself when playing sports, there are a few key things you should do. Firstly, you should book an appointment at a local clinic to get your injury assessed as soon as possible. In the immediate aftermath, you should employ the RICE method. This involves resting, applying ice regularly to the injury, using compression to reduce swelling, and keeping the injury elevated.

Is it safe to walk on a sprained knee or ankle?

With time, you may be able to walk on your sprained ankle or knee. It is crucial to rest the injury and apply heat or ice as necessary. You should avoid putting your full weight on an injured knee or ankle, so applying straps or braces may help you build up to walking again.


What is a shin splint?

Shin splints are a common sports injury. They will usually feel like a sharp pain in your shins and may flare up during activity and exercise. Typically, shin splints are the result of a sudden increase in activity and a lack of properly preparing your body before exercising.


When should I get help for a sports injury?

The short answer is that you should book an appointment to get your injury assessed as soon as possible. If there is a sudden, acute injury, you should book an appointment quickly to avoid worsening the injury. If you notice an injury that flares up during activity or is gradually getting worse, you should seek help in order to diagnose the issue and discover how you may be able to avoid flaring it up in the future.



Why Choose Modern Medicine?


The last thing you need is to be travelling far and wide for sports injury care. Modern Medicine is proud to be a local, reliable clinic in the Ballarat area — it is an honour to serve our community and make great care as accessible as possible.


You deserve services delivered by people who care deeply about their work. At Modern Medicine, our team members are passionate about helping patients recover from sports injuries and build a healthier future for themselves.

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Everything we do at Modern Medicine is personalised. We believe that no two people are the same, and our treatment plans need to reflect that. This is why we work closely with our clients, building tailored treatment plans that cater to their unique lifestyles, injuries, goals, and preferences.

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