About Modern Medicine

Our Mission

At Modern Medicine, our mission is to revolutionise healthcare by embracing a holistic and collaborative approach. We are dedicated to providing high-quality, personalised care that integrates Myotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Remedial Massage, Psychology, Dietetics, and Podiatry. Our team of experienced practitioners collaborate seamlessly to tailor treatment plans for each individual.

We believe in the transformative power of food, exercise, and mental health as medicine, emphasising preventative healthcare to reduce reliance on interventional care. As a one-stop-centre for those with chronic diseases, disabilities, acute pain or those seeking to proactively maintain their well-being, we are committed to creating a healthier community.

Our Vision

To be the leading force in health & wellness in Ballarat and beyond, Modern Medicine envisions a community where health is not merely the absence of illness but a harmonious integration of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We aspire to be the trusted hub for individuals seeking personalized and comprehensive care, pioneering a preventive healthcare model that empowers our community to thrive and live their best lives.

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About the Company

Inception of Ballarat Myotherapy

Ballarat Myotherapy was founded in 2007 with a singular vision: to provide exceptional and personalised care in the field of Myotherapy. From the outset, the focus was on delivering high-quality support and treatment, employing a team approach to holistic wellness.

Ownership Transition to Sam Balson

In 2019, Sam Balson took the helm of Ballarat Myotherapy, injecting new energy and vision into the business. Recognising the potential to broaden the scope of healthcare services, Sam swiftly embarked on an ambitious expansion plan.

Introduction of Modern Medicine

Under Sam’s leadership, the establishment of Modern Medicine marked a significant evolution in the company’s journey. The new venture seamlessly integrated Myotherapy with additional allied health services, including Exercise Physiology and Podiatry. This strategic move reflected Modern Medicine’s commitment to comprehensive care and holistic well-being.

Rapid Growth and Multisite Expansion

Modern Medicine experienced rapid growth and success, quickly expanding its footprint beyond Ballarat. Multiple sites were established, reaching various cities and communities, offering a broad spectrum of healthcare services. This expansion facilitated greater accessibility for individuals seeking personalised and integrated healthcare solutions.

Collaboration with Medical Centres and Government Organisations

Recognising the importance of collaboration, Modern Medicine forged strategic partnerships with medical centres and government organisations. These collaborations aimed to enhance the reach and impact of Modern Medicine’s services, aligning with the vision of creating a healthier community through preventive healthcare practices.

A Leading Force in Holistic Wellness

Today, Modern Medicine stands as a leading force in holistic wellness, embodying a commitment to transformative healthcare. The company’s modality referral system ensures that clients receive a comprehensive and tailored approach to their well-being. Modern Medicine continues to innovate, with plans for further expansion with the introduction of additional offerings such as Pilates, Yoga, and more.

From its humble beginnings as Ballarat Myotherapy to its current position as a multi-site healthcare provider, Modern Medicine’s journey reflects a dedication to improving the lives of individuals and communities through holistic and collaborative healthcare practices.

Our Values

We always work as a team.

We nurture

We take action

We listen

We empower