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The Daily Challenge of Foot Pain

A study from the Australian Podiatry Association shows some staggering statistics about just how many Australians struggle with foot pain on a regular basis. 64% of those surveyed declared that they either currently experience foot pain or have recently experienced foot pain. Every year, millions of Australians are grappling with foot pain ranging from mild to severe, and the impacts on daily life cannot be underestimated!

Struggling with foot pain and health problems often affects your day-to-day life. Exercise, social activities, and even your work life may be drastically impacted by pain when moving. As time goes on, pain may worsen, and life may begin to look nothing like what it used to be before foot pain became a regular occurrence. The longer you let your foot pain go untreated, the harder it may be to manage. The best thing you can do is seek support earlier rather than later — there is no need to put up with unnecessary pain.

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What is Foot Pain?

Foot pain is extremely common, and part of the reason is that there are so many varieties of conditions that may cause foot pain. It is also something that has the ability to affect people of all ages, no matter the stage of life they find themselves in.

Young children can, of course, experience injuries, but also may find that the natural structure of their foot is causing issues with their gait and movement that is causing pain. Long-term wear and tear may also lead to degeneration of foot health, leading many people to feel excessive foot pain as they get older.

Natural biomechanics, injuries, strains, and other conditions may all frequently cause foot pain problems. Here is a short list of some of the common foot pain issues we come across at our clinic:

Plantar fasciitis
Achilles pain
Heel pain
Morton’s neuroma
Shin splints
Ingrown toenails
Rheumatoid arthritis

Foot Pain Symptoms

Your foot is an incredibly complex anatomical structure. As it carries the weight of your entire body, it’s natural for various injuries and conditions to arise, though the root causes can differ.

This means that pain may manifest in different ways, and two people complaining of ‘foot pain’ may be experiencing completely opposite symptoms. The pain may feel like inflammation or tenderness, a burning sensation, a general ache, sharp stabbing pains, or numbness and tingling. It may worsen with activity or be at its most painful after long periods of rest.

Here are some of the areas where people commonly feel foot pain:

Along tendons



In the arch of the foot

The outer side of the foot

The sole of the foot

In the ball of the foot


Foot Pain Treatments

Myotherapy Ballarat

Clinical Myotherapy

Clinical myotherapy aims to assess, diagnose, and manage a wide array of injuries and health conditions. By rehabilitating muscles and offering management techniques, clinical myotherapy may be able to help treat foot pain. The goal is to restore function and mobility while helping you manage your health and discomfort, using hands-on and holistic therapy treatments.


Exercise Physiology Ballarat

Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiology is built entirely around you and your symptoms. Using an extensive understanding of the human body and its functions, an exercise physiologist aims to prescribe personalised exercises to assist in your treatment. They will monitor your rehabilitation, all the while aiming to boost function, mobility, and comfort.


Remedial Massage Ballarat

Remedial Massage

Qualified therapists may use a variety of remedial massage techniques to help your foot pain in the long term. Remedial therapy aims to assist in restoring and repairing musculoskeletal issues, ultimately tailored to improve function and mobility. The goal will be to use remedial massage to decrease pain, stiffness, and tension associated with your foot problems.


Podiatrist Ballarat


When you think about foot pain, visiting a podiatrist is probably one of the first options you consider. Podiatry focuses on conditions and injuries in the foot, ankle, and lower limbs. At Modern Medicine, we aim to deliver podiatry services to address your foot pain, using a range of treatments and lifestyle changes to improve your daily life.


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Your Foot Pain Questions Answered

When should I see someone about foot pain?
The short answer is: as soon as you can. Don’t wait for your foot pain to become severe. If you’re noticing foot pain in your day-to-day life, it’s best to seek help early to give yourself the best chance of treatment.
Why does my foot hurt?
There are a multitude of possible conditions that may be causing your foot pain. The most common one is plantar fasciitis, which is often a result of overuse and excessive stress placed on the foot.
What can I do about an ingrown toenail?
Ingrown toenails are painful. Although solutions such as trimming the nail and reducing swelling may seem straightforward, trying to treat ingrown toenails at home comes with a significant risk of infection. To avoid making the condition worse, it’s best to contact a podiatrist as soon as possible.
What can I do about a broken toe?
Broken and fractured toes are often treated by adjusting their position and wearing comfortable footwear to help encourage their natural recovery. However, it is crucial that you don’t attempt to carry on like normal. See a podiatrist if you think your toe may be broken, and they will complete a thorough examination and offer advice for the best route forward. Prior to your appointment, keep your foot elevated and regularly ice it to avoid swelling.


Why Choose Modern Medicine?

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Finding local care you can trust is difficult at times. That’s why Modern Medicine is proud to have our clinic stand as a reliable and highly trusted staple in the Ballarat community.
Dedicated Team
Our friendly team at Modern Medicine is passionate about their work. Our team members are dedicated to creating a comfortable environment within our clinic, delivering exceptional care, and going above and beyond to assist people in managing their pain.
Patient-Focused Care
Our philosophy is that the client always comes first. At Modern Medicine, we don’t believe in a one-treatment-fits-all approach to care. We always begin by assessing our patients carefully, aiming to uncover the root cause of their pain, and finding a custom treatment plan that suits their unique lifestyle, needs, and preferences.

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