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Struggling With Back Pain? You’re Not Alone.

Did you know that around 16% of Australians have back problems? That’s roughly 4 million people living their daily lives with varying pain levels, ranging from frustrating to debilitating. Our backs and spines are crucial parts of our bodies, not just in their functions but also in their impacts on the rest of the body. When you have back pain, the consequences have the ability to ripple into other areas of your health, possibly affecting key functions and mobility.

Too many of us are dismissing our back aches. Sometimes, you might have just slept strangely or overworked yourself. However, regularly noticing back pain may be a sign that something bigger is at play. The longer you let it go without examination, the more you risk letting this injury or condition worsen. As such, it’s important to seek help early to give yourself the best chance of a long, healthy, and mobile future.

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What is Back Pain?

Many of us endure some form of back pain at some point during our lives. This is an incredibly common condition, though the causes and severity can range widely.
In the majority of cases, back pain is a brief experience and is attributed to the natural wear and tear of our daily lives.

Sometimes, however, the pain can be severe and, at times, debilitating — impacting everyday functions such as exercise and work.

One common cause of back pain is a disc bulge or herniation, known also as a ‘slipped disc’. Severe cases of back pain are frequently due to disc herniations and bulges, which are often able to be treated with rest, pain relief medications or treatments, and physical therapy. Other common causes of back pain can be regular heavy lifting or manual labour, not getting enough physical activity, poor posture, muscle tension, and being overweight.

Back Pain Symptoms

With so many different conditions that may be causing back pain, symptoms can vary significantly from person to person. Some may find that their pain is localised to one specific spot, while others may find the pain more general and spread over their entire back. Intensity levels can vary as well, and specific symptoms may depend on the condition or injury that has led to your back pain.

Sometimes, people may find that their pain extends to other areas of the body. This may include the legs, abdomen, or buttocks, even if it all stems from an issue in the back.

Some other common symptoms that may be related to your back pain include:

Pain that worsens when bending over or lifting
Pain radiating down through hips, buttocks, or legs

Feeling stiff in the morning

Finding symptoms worse when sitting or standing for long periods of time
Sensations of numbness or weakness within the feet or legs
Severe pain that doesn’t lessen with pain relief


Back Pain Treatments

Myotherapy Ballarat

Clinical Myotherapy

Clinical myotherapy involves the assessment, diagnosis, and ongoing management of many different injuries and conditions. This therapy is often used to manage pain and rehabilitate muscle pain and associated soft tissue problems. Myotherapy is hands-on and holistic, focusing on your overall health to help your back pain in the long term.


Exercise Physiology Ballarat

Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiology is a treatment that aims to allow you to benefit from a physiologist’s extensive understanding of the human body and how exercise may impact your back pain. With a personalised prescription of exercises and monitoring of performance, you may rehabilitate your body to support your back pain. The aim is to relieve pain, improve mobility and functionality, and manage acute and chronic back pain.


Remedial Massage Ballarat

Remedial Massage

When performed by qualified and experienced therapists, remedial massage techniques may be used to increase mobility and functionality. By helping to restore and repair musculoskeletal issues, remedial therapy may assist with decreasing pain, stiffness, and tension resulting from back problems.


Podiatrist Ballarat


Your body is an intricate system of structures and functions, all closely knit together and relying on one another to work properly. Back problems may be connected to issues in the feet and lower limbs. If your back pain is related to issues with your gait or legs, or if your symptoms are affecting your feet, then a podiatrist may be able to offer crucial support.


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Your Back Pain Questions Answered

Can my chronic back pain be cured?
Available treatment options may vary depending on the condition causing your chronic back pain. Many symptoms may be improved with treatment plans, including physical therapy, lifestyle changes, medication, and other support, though this will vary depending on each individual case.
Why do I have back pain?
While injuries and more serious conditions may certainly be possible, the reason many patients suffer back pain is general wear and tear. Back health often degenerates over time, and daily activity, habits, and posture have a strong impact.
When should I seek help for back pain?
You don’t need to meet a certain level of pain to justify reaching out for assistance. If you are regularly noticing back pain or finding that the discomfort is impacting your daily activity, then seeking support may benefit you.
Can exercise help with back pain?
Different conditions will require different lifestyle changes and treatments. Generally speaking, keeping up healthy levels of activity and keeping your body strong may help lower the likelihood of experiencing back pain.


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