Find relief from the pain of plantar fasciitis.


What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

There is a thick band of tissue that runs along the length of the underside of your foot, linking your heel to just below your toes. This is called the plantar fascia and it provides support to your foot and assists with movement and function.

Because we put our feet through a lot every single day, this soft tissue can become inflamed and get thicker, which can cause pain and reduced mobility. This is referred to as plantar fasciitis. This condition is one of the most commonly treated issue in our clinic.

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Symptoms Of Plantar Fasciitis

If you have plantar fasciitis, you may experience pain in your heel, underneath your foot in the arch area, or in the ball of your foot.
This may often occur when you stand up from an extended period of being off your feet, such as first thing in the morning after getting out of bed. You may find that the pain and difficulty walking eases after you have been walking around for a little while. That said, symptoms may increase if you walk or stand for a long time.

If you have been experiencing this type of discomfort for more than a week, it can be beneficial to visit us for an assessment to confirm the issue and determine the best course of action. There are other issues that can present in a similar manner to plantar fasciitis, so it pertinent to seek professional guidance.

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Common Causes Of Plantar Fasciitis

Our feet deal with a lot of stress on an almost constant basis.
Subsequently, inflammation of the plantar fascia can be an issue for many people at one point or another. Reasons why plantar fasciitis might develop include:
Repetitive strain and overuse
Activities such as running, jumping, and standing for a prolonged amount of time can aggravate the plantar fascia. Suddenly increasing your level of exercise or training regime can also be a problem.

If you calf muscles are tight or there are issues with your foot mechanics and structure, such as low arches, the plantar fascia may have to work overtime, deal with added strain, or be used in an incorrect manner.

Our feet take our weight every time we stand or walk. Subsequently, being overweight can add pressure on the plantar fascia and surrounding parts of the foot, causing and compounding the issue.
Poor Footwear
Shoes that are not sufficiently supportive or are cramping your foot can lead to plantar fasciitis. Walking bare foot on hard surfaces excessively may also be problematic.

Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis

Our multidisciplinary team of experienced allied health professionals take a collaborative, holistic approach when it comes to care so that we can provide you with the most suitable, high-quality, and personalised treatment possible.

Assessing and treating your plantar fasciitis may involve a combination of podiatry, myotherapy, remedial massage, or exercise physiology, determined by your requirements and goals.

We can provide a thorough examination of your foot to gain an understanding on the issue and the contributing factors and establish a treatment plan that suits your needs. Recovery time will depend on the severity of your condition and may take up to several months.

We recommend resting your foot and applying ice during the initial stages of recovery. Treatment methods we may utilise include:


Exercise prescription

Shockwave therapy

Customised orthotics
Activity modification
Advice regarding your footwear and lifestyle

Treat Your Plantar Fasciitis At Modern Medicine

Managing episodes of plantar fasciitis promptly is important to minimise the interruption it can cause to your daily activities and to reduce recovery time. Taking steps to prevent further flare ups through physical therapy and education is also crucial to maintain normal function and mobility.

Our multidisciplinary team can support and assist you to improve your pain and reduce inflammation, and help you return to your usual activities as soon as possible. If you are experiencing pain and swelling in your heel and the underside of your foot, please contact us at Modern Medicine in Ballarat to make an appointment.