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Will A Podiatrist Cut Your Toenails?

by | Jan 29, 2023

Plenty of people take pride in looking after their health, and yet so often their feet are the first thing forgotten. Do not underestimate the importance of healthy feet when it comes to supporting your overall body – problems within the lower limbs can have huge impacts on your health and your daily living. Taking care of even the simplest things, such as cutting toenails correctly, can prevent infections, injury, and serious pain down the line.

That’s where our ballarat podiatrists can help!

This blog outlines podiatry, how it can support foot health, and specifically how podiatrists can help treat issues such as toenail care. For personalised health advice, contact our team at Modern Medicine today.

Your Foot Care Expert

A podiatrist is an expert when it comes to all things in the lower limbs. Podiatrists help people to take care of any condition in this area, including the foot and ankle. They can treat injuries, remove warts, help elderly people to reduce fall risks, and much, much more. Seeing a podiatrist offers a cohesive treatment, not only able to address direct concerns but also able to provide well-researched advice on how to support your foot health every day.

You might find a podiatrist working in hospitals, aged care, and sports clinics, but most commonly they will work within a private practice. Having a podiatrist you can go to again and again in the future is essential to your ongoing health, ensuring you’ll be taken care of should an emergency arise. Some of the most common conditions treated by a podiatrist include:

When Toenail Cutting Should Be Left to a Professional

Podiatrists care for the foot – and this most certainly includes toenails. While it might seem odd to leave the cutting of nails up to a professional, there are several reasons why you might want a podiatrist to help you trim your nails. Podiatrists are able to assess, diagnose, and treat different conditions, helping people get back up on their feet and living life to the fullest.

So, when your toenails start to impede your ability to go about your day comfortably, there might be something bigger at play. Anyone that’s had an ingrown toenail, for example, will be able to tell you how debilitating that experience can be. When something seems off about your toenails, or pain starts to impact your daily routine, visiting a podiatrist can make things easier.

Through trimming, prescriptions, and other treatment methods, a podiatrist can help address nail concerns such as:

  • Nails that are difficult to cut
  • Abnormally thick and hardened nails
  • Discolouration
  • Fungal toenails
  • Ingrown nails
  • General nail care concerns

Hygienic Treatments

For some people, the idea of having your toenails cut by someone else can be off-putting. Fortunately, you can rest assured that any treatment provided by a podiatrist is hygienic and safe. Instruments are sterilised between each client, ensuring you’ve got no need to worry about equipment being ‘communal’.

Instruments used by podiatrists are rigorously cleaned and sterilised to ensure that they are entirely free from fungus, bacteria, and anything else that could transfer infection. In fact, having your toenails cut and treated by a podiatrist is the safest and cleanest way to address problems. Podiatrists have the technique, equipment, and expertise necessary to handle any nail issue you could be experiencing.

Other Services Your Podiatrist Can Provide

Visiting a podiatrist is going to achieve far more than a simple nail trim. Even if that’s all you think needs to be addressed, a podiatrist can use this time to conduct a full consultation regarding your foot health. They can assess your feet and identify areas of potential risk that you mightn’t have known about yourself.

Podiatrists are able to examine your natural gait, the structure of your feet and lower limbs, and address underlying issues that could be causing discomfort throughout your whole body. By aligning your feet and ankles, everything else has a better chance of falling in line. Your podiatrist will be able to provide you with a management plan for your health, making sure the best route forward to maintain foot health is clearly outlined for you.

Visiting a podiatrist should be a regular part of your ongoing health, just like how you’d see a dentist or GP for a check-up.

Get Your Toenails Treated by a Ballarat Podiatrist

From a toenail trim to injury recovery, a podiatrist can help you build a healthy lifestyle from the ground up. Don’t waste another day in pain or discomfort – reach out to a local podiatrist as soon as you can to address concerns, or receive a check-up to make sure everything’s in working order.

If you’re looking for a Ballarat Podiatrist you can trust, Modern Medicine is the solution. Our holistic and individualised approach to healthcare makes a world of difference, ensuring our patients receive an unmatched level of care with their personalised health plans. Book an appointment today to get your feet back on track!


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