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Testimonial Georgie

by | May 24, 2022


Sam is the one to see! He was so diligent with working out what was going on to cause my chronic knee pain, instead of just jumping to conclusions and guessing like some clinicians I’ve seen in the past. I’m now still pain free six months later and I know exactly what to do if the problem ever flares up again. I believe it’s the care and thorough attention that Sam provides that gives him an edge I’ve never encountered before and made me feel so looked after. Thank you for your help, Sam!


Sam Balson Modern Medicine

Sam Balson


Sam Balson, Clinical Myotherapist and Director at Modern Medicine, combines his ballet background with expertise in injury rehab and pain management. His dance injuries fuel his passion for helping others achieve pain-free lives.

Sam’s multidisciplinary approach at Modern Medicine prioritises exceptional care and strong client relationships, setting new standards in healthcare.

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